Justin Bieber, wife Hailey finally in ‘great place’ after troubles: Report

Justin Bieber, wife Hailey finally in 'great place' after troubles: Report

Hailey Bieber’s pregnancy has seemingly worked in the favour of her marriage with Justin Bieber.

As fans will know, previously it was rumoured that Hailey Bieber and Justin are going through a rough patch in their marriage. Then, it was also reported that the reason for this woe was because they were unable to be on the same regarding the arrival of a young one in their life.

Nonetheless, such rumours were put to bed when the couple announced that they were expecting.

Now, a source told Us Weekly about the father-to-be, “Justin has been so affectionate and loving toward Hailey and can’t wait for the next phase in their lives,” adding, “Their bond is stronger than ever.”

They went on to address about the fashion mogul, “Hailey is ecstatic and soaking up every moment of her pregnancy,” adding that she’s working hard on the baby’s nursery so it will be ready in time for the little one’s arrival. “It’s a lot of neutral colours and it’s a classic design with a modern touch,” the source explained.

Another insider confirmed about Hailey’s joy, “Overall, Hailey has been feeling great.”

They also maintained, “She hasn’t stopped working and is finishing up her latest launch before she takes time off from travelling.”

“They’ve come a long way and are in a really great place right now,” this source concluded.

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