Cricket Australia CEO hints at possible tri-series with Pakistan, India

Cricket Australia CEO hints at possible tri-series with Pakistan, India

In a significant development for cricket fans in the subcontinent, Cricket Australia’s Chief Executive Nick Hockley has expressed a strong desire to facilitate a high-profile tri-series involving India and Pakistan.

This move comes amidst growing excitement for the long-awaited clash between these traditional rivals, which has always been a major attraction in the cricketing world.

During an online press conference, Hockley highlighted the immense enthusiasm that surrounds India-Pakistan encounters.

“Pakistan and India are traditional rival teams; there is a lot of excitement for their matches,” the CEO remarked.

He further elaborated that Cricket Australia is keen to support and assist in organising both bilateral and tri-series with these nations.

“We are ready to support both teams for a bilateral and a tri-series,” Hockley added, emphasising the Australian cricket governing body’s readiness to facilitate these high-stakes matches.

“We would be happy to play a role in the revival of Pakistan-India bilateral series,” said Hockley, reflecting Cricket Australia’s eagerness to bring these two cricketing giants together on the same pitch.

However, he also mentioned that any such plans would require coordination between the respective cricket boards and governments of both India and Pakistan.

“The two boards need to decide first, and we will assist in hosting,” he said, adding that formal discussions have yet to take place due to the busy schedules of the cricket boards involved.

‘We absolutely want to see cricket grow’

Considering Afghanistan’s remarkable win against Australia, Hockley congratulated the Afghan team for their exceptional performance.

He acknowledged the challenges the Afghan cricketers faced, particularly in the context of human rights issues affecting women’s cricket in the country.

Hockley also expressed hope for future progress that would allow for the resumption of bilateral cricket between two countries.

Despite current restrictions, Cricket Australia maintains close communication with the Afghanistan Cricket Board and remains committed to supporting the growth of the sport in Afghanistan.

While addressing questions regarding the support for Afghan women” cricket, he noted that several Afghan women cricketers residing in Australia are actively engaged in local cricket clubs, accredited to the support of the Australian cricketing community.

Hockley emphasised Cricket Australia’s commitment to advocating for women’s cricket and expressed hope for positive changes that would allow Afghan women to participate more fully in the sport.

“We absolutely want to see cricket grow and thrive all around the world for women and men,” Hockley said.

“The ongoing dialogue with the Afghanistan Cricket Board aims to encourage the development of women’s cricket in Afghanistan, despite current political and social challenges.”

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