Sindh Health Care Commission Imposes Penalties Of Rs. 4.45 Million On ‘Quacks’

Sindh Health Care Commission Imposes Penalties Of Rs. 4.45 Million On ‘Quacks’

KARACHI: The 18th meeting of the Anti-Quackery Committee was held by the Sindh Health Care Commission at its Head Office a few days ago.

The meeting was chaired by Convener Anti-Quackery Committee Dr. Abdul Ghafoor Shoro, attended by Commissioners Dr. Sajjad Ahmed Siddiqui and Prof. Shoaib Gangat and also attended by CEO -SHCC Dr. Ahson Qavi and Director Anti Quackery Syed . Zeeshan A Shah along with other team members.

Under Section 28(1) of SHCC Regulations 2017, a total of 78 cases were reviewed for imposition of Penalties by AQC. Out of which 32 cases were ordered to be permanently sealed after recovery of penalties with no services allowed at these closed facilities and 41 were ordered to work within scope of qualification with permission to legally de-seal their outlets depositing the penalty challans.

A total fine of PKR 4,450,000 (4.5 million) was imposed with orders to ensure that maximum unauthorized outlets are sealed in “ targeted areas where quackery is on the rise “on a case to case basis, with mandatory follow-up visits on these outlets to cross check compliance as per law.

‘All cases whether services allowed or no services allowed will ensure payment of challans on urgent basis ; stated Committee Chair Dr. Abdul Ghafoor Shoro.

Director Anti-Quackery further apprised Committee Chair that efforts were underway on lodgment of FIR with a list of ‘quacks ‘ being sent to District SSP’s to jointly pursue the matter with support of law enforcement agencies (LEAs) after elections, as currently all govt staff were engaged in election duties.

AQC Member Dr. Sajjad Ahmed further emphasized that applicants applying for legal de-sealing of their outlets must complete all attestation requirements after submitting all evidence of compliance like qualification certificates, contract with qualified practitioner and affidavit etc.

He also suggested that sufficient time of 30 days be given to applicants to complete the legal formalities. Member AQC Professor Shoaib Gangat was of the view that during election week, special care may be taken to ensure safety and security of all official vehicles, to avoid any unnecessary confiscation of vehicles for election duties. AQC was briefed that letters had already been sent across to District Governments in this regard.

CEO-SHCC further briefed the Committee that teams have been engaged in mapping new quack areas, to generate data on quacks, in the absence of authenticated data available with the District Health Office.

The meeting ended successfully with the aim to increase faster recovery of challans and more stringent documentation checks to be enforced as per SHCC Act and Regulations.



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