Noval Djokovic sets eyes on specific target in 2024

Noval Djokovic sets eyes on specific target in 2024

KARACHI: Novak Djokovic, a 24-time Grand Slam champion with over 100 career trophies, has set his eyes on one specific target in 2024 to complete his Greatest of All Time (GOAT) legacy.

According to a tennis commentator, Nick Lester, the Serbian star will concentrate on winning a gold medal at the Paris Olympics to achieve one of the few remaining milestones in his career.

Among the modern greats, such as Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray, Djokovic has yet to secure an Olympic gold medal. Lester told Tennis365 that the Serb will be determined to join them by triumphing in the tennis event at Roland Garros in Paris.

“For me, the Olympic gold medal is massive for him this year and he will set his sights on that one big target,” Lester told Tennis365.

“It is the only thing that’s missing from his CV and he will tailor everything around that. When you have achieved everything and only one final prize is missing, it would make sense to make it your priority.

“For me, he is still the man to beat on a hard court when he is fully fit and motivated. He could easily win another four Slams over the next couple of years if he stays fit and the desire is there. If he still has the passion to chase records and great records.”

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