June 2023

It is time for India and Pakistan to annul their treason laws

By Faraz Chandio The legislative measures established during the British Raj era are still being employed to suppress dissident voices on the Indian subcontinent. A season of allegations of sedition has emerged in this region. The sedition law, originating from colonial times, has transformed into a potent tool for the Pakistani and Indian governments to quell opposing viewpoints. In December 2019, Pakistan’s government utilized sedition charges against numerous individuals involved

Reforming democracy can save democracy

By Faraz Chandio The state of democracy today is subject to intense scrutiny and dissatisfaction, as evidenced by widespread disillusionment among voters. While Winston Churchill’s assertion that democracy is “the worst form of Government except for all those other forms that have been tried” holds true, the fact remains that democracy falls short of being truly effective. This sentiment is echoed by voters globally who are increasingly frustrated with the

How Pakistani media ignore SDGs?

By Faraz Chandio In the contemporary landscape, journalism has ascended to unprecedented levels of influence, wielding the potential to enlighten and galvanize global audiences. It is now better poised than ever to champion the cause of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – a collection of 17 overarching objectives designed to usher in a more sustainable and equitable future. These SDGs essentially serve as the cornerstone for what we consider “standard”