March 2023

Peace in Afghanistan: a distant dream

By Faraz Chandio Several factors are compelling the United States to conclude the long-standing conflict in Afghanistan. However, the likelihood of the Afghan peace process being successful is slim, and it is anticipated to encounter challenges in the current circumstances. To begin with, China’s rapid rise as a global economic powerhouse is exerting pressure on the United States and challenging its supremacy. Over the years since 2001, China’s economy has

Consequences of revoking special status of Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir

By Faraz Chandio Repeal of the special status of India-occupied Kashmir (IoK) by BJP-led government would have catastrophic ramifications for the entire region, including Pakistan and India. Grave consequences for the region range from surging extremism and terrorism, the revival of Kashmiri militant movements and disruption of the Afghan peace process to the risk of nuclear war between India and Pakistan. There is a consensus that the Kashmir dispute is